afmds_logoAthens Folk Music and Dance Society
Tommy Jordan, President
Charlie Jameson, Treasurer

Susan Staley, Coordinator and host
John Prechtel, Hoot sound coordinator

North Georgia Folk Festival Committee
Tommy Jordan, Coordinator festival@athensfolk.org
Members: Art Rosenbaum, Melanie Aaron, Maggie Hunter, Beth Zorbanos, Joe Willey, Andrew Lentini, Charlie Jameson, Barbara Edwards, David Edwards, Stuart Whipple, Susan Staley,  Mary Mayes, Donna Alvermann, Cortez Garza, Dick Daniels

Dance Committee
Gordon Ward, E-Calendar
Stuart Whipple, Dance scheduler Click to email
Janie Sanders, Dance publicity and door person
Lee Sanders, Dance publicity and door person
John Prechtel, Sound coordinator
Charlie Jameson, Sound person, dance set-up
Mani Ridgeway, Refreshments

Web designer: Joe Willey
Barbara Edwards, AFMDS treasurer-emeritus
David Edwards, AFMDS Historian and membership database

The bylaws of our organization can be found here.

The mission statement of our organization can be found here.

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Athens Folk Music & Dance Society
P.O. Box 346
Athens, GA 30603

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