AFMDS Winter Concert featuring John McCutcheon

AFMDS Winter Concert featuring John McCutcheon

John McCutcheon will be performing Wednesday, February 8, 2017john-mcc2 at 7:30pm at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia Day Chapel for the 2nd Annual Athens Folk Music and Dance Society Winter Concert.

John is an internationally acclaimed songwriter, storyteller, and musician known for his insightful, beautiful lyrics about real people, places and events.  Pete Seeger called him “one of our country’s best songwriters.”

From his website:

“What sets McCutcheon’s songs apart is that he’s actually writing about something!” observed well-known folk music DJ Bob Blackman. Whether it’s a musical snapshot of a day in the life of an Alaskan salmon fisherman, a child’s pondering the loss of her first tooth, remembering a moment that was omitted from our history books, lampooning the latest foibles on the national political scene, or celebrating the joy of old love McCutcheon’s songs are always about something small and, at the same time, something much bigger. “All big things start with little things,” he observed, “the way in which a song is able to open up the universal from the personal is one of the great joys of writing.”WINTER CONCERT MCCUTCHEON.compressed

Advance tickets are $20 at  This is a small, intimate venue and seating is limited.  Please get your tickets now to ensure a seat.

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